Our frequently asked questions section has been created to answer the most common questions about our SML directory.
We regularly update this section to ensure that no question is left unanswered.

Where does SML stand for?

We use the term SML to refer to street markets London.

How do I get the direction of a street market?

Simply click on “Get Directions” on the description page of market to automatically be redirected to Google maps.

Do you list any stalls?

Unfortunately, we do not list any stalls at this moment.
However, we do have the ambition to do so (in the near future).

Why isn’t the market near me listed on your site?

We do our absolute best to list every single market in or near London.
Due to the countless amount of markets, informational updates we might miss a market.
It would be awesome if you contact us about the one you are missing, so we can add it to our site.

Are there any obligation involved when it comes to using street markets London?

No, our service is completely free without any obligations.
However, we would love it if you left a review about a market you visited.

I did not find the answer I was looking for, what do I do next?

We kindly suggest to contact us in case you have any feedback, concerns or additional question through our contact page.

Your website wasn’t able to determine my current location while using my smartphone or tablet?

The most common solution should be enabling the so called “location services”, so Google maps get’s access to your current location. It is also possible to enter your location manually in case you prefer to leave the location services disables.
When you click on “Get Directions” a small field appears that can be used to receive accurate route to your destination.

More information about how to turn the location service on/of can be on the links below.
Apple devices
Android devices