Street markets

Street markets are very popular in the city of London. Londoners and tourists flock to these markets, especially during the weekends to buy flowers, fashion accessories, antiques and original gifts. Some of these street markets are dedicated to selling food and have a wide variety of products like spices, vegetables, Fruit and fresh drinks offered by small independent producers. A few of these markets are only open during the weekends and are organized in open spaces throughout the city.


London is the place to be when it comes to visiting museums. A few very popular museums, among the locals and tourists are: British Museum, V&A, Natural History Museum, Science Museum and the National Gallery. So whether you like to visit exhibitions about the prehistoric times, examine decorative arts or find out about science. It’s all possible in London!

See London from a different angle

Many people associate London with palaces and imposing Victorian museums. Yet you will also find many futuristic skyscrapers scattered throughout the big city. The Shard is even the highest in the European Union. From the viewing platform of the 310 meter high construction of steel and glass, you have a marvellous view over the city. This is an attraction you can not miss during your visit to London!

Watching the Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace

Everyone knows them, the soldiers of the Queen’s Guard guarding Buckingham Palace in their black/red uniforms and tall black fur hats. Day and night, in rain or sunshine at the gate of the palace of the queen. The special ceremonial change of the guard is very popular among tourists and is considered one of the most photographed ceremonies in the world.

London Eye
The centrally located Coca-Cola, London Eye is 135 metres high and is the world’s largest observation wheel. Gracefully rotating over the River Thames lifting you high enough to see up to 40 kilometres, giving you an amazing view of the capital. The Coca-Cola, London Eye has become a modern representation of the capital and famous around the world as a landmark in the United Kingdom.

Tower of London

The Tower of London has a reputation of death and torture, within the tower you will discover more about the history and horrific things that took place in the tower. It used to be a powerful fortress and armoury storing arsenal for the troops. Nowadays it’s a popular hotspot for tourists to learn what actually happened inside the tower.

Madame Tussauds

Have you ever had the chance to see your favourite celebrity from up close? Madame Tussauds has 300 amazing and real looking wax figures who have an incredible history combined with glitter and glamour. This is your chance to walk down the red carpet like any other star would.